Team Members

Mohammad Hassan Asgari

"Industrial project contractor"


Guide & Sponsor

Tehran Hobby

"Selling all kind of Airplanes, Cars and Accessories"


  Sponsor (equipment)

Dr. Kamal Jamshidi

"Member of the scientific group of faculty of Computer, University of Isfahan"



Hassan Tavakoli

"British Voice-over Artist, Singer, Lyricist, Producer"


Collaboration in the production of the first part of the SKY BOY documentary

Behrang Koofgar

"Inspirational & different activities in the field of music & art"


Guide (music)

Mehrshad Matinfar

"Research in the field of art and humanities"


Guide (music)

Mehdi Karimi

"Music player (Tar)"


Guide (music)


"Motivating teens & teenagers who like to make the

impossible possible

& also encouraging parents to have a different view of their

children's abilities"


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